Feed Up Warm Up is the most amazing new initiative started by one amazing guy, Shane Cole, who found that through his own experience of being homeless at age 17 (totally dependant on drugs) managed to turn his life around, and with his experience, strength and hope he created “Feed Up Warm up” to give back to the heart of our homeless community.

Feed Up Warm Up is a testament to what a community can do when it comes together. With his background in catering Shane began a drive to open a soup-kitchen in Hitchin during the winter of 2018/19. Support piled in from all quarters and Feed Up Warm Up went from strength to strength.

They have been open for hot food, food bank services, hair cuts, healthcare and both the mental and emotional wellbeing of their clients every week ever since.

Let’s get to the hearts of our Herts homeless and make a difference.. to coin a phrase... every little really does help!

For more information check out their website www.feedupwarmup.co.uk